Why So Stupid?

OK well to tell you the truth i didn't really get this episode so well......she didn't turn the night that she stayed awake so wouldn't logic say that if she slept in the day and was up all night in the lunar cycle that she wouldn't turn o.O at all thus problem fixed with out killing her? really i mean people could say *what about the risk* well she could have stayed traveling with Sam and Dean or she could have just had a friend around the night's she had to stay awake there where multiple way's to make sure she didn't sleep on them night's a few good cups of coffee for god sake's >.< was so stupid to end it that way


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Sep 7, 2009 6:45PM EDT

First of all, there's no guarantee that she can remain awake all night every night of the cycle, especially considering her daytime life, as in, a job and how to support herself? Taking a week or so off every month is a good way to get fired. And she couldn't have travelled with Sam and Dean, are you kidding? They don't take people along, not even Bobby. She'd be a liability, especially in later seasons, not to mention the ratings would probably go down if she tagged along the entire time.
She also wouldn't be able to have a friend stay over during the nights she might change, to keep her awake, because a) what friend would believe her without seeing first hand proof? and b) she might accidentally fall asleep and kill, maim, and/or turn her friend, not to mention anyone else.
And a few cups of caffeine wouldn't guarantee all night wakefulness. Have you never fallen asleep with caffeine in your system? There was way too much of a risk, with Madison living, and it was her own choice; she didn't want to live as a monster, and so she opted not to live, to avoid hurting anyone.
Besides, it showed a more self-sacrificing side of Sam; he's got so many issues about not wanting to be a part of the Hunter life, about how he wanted to go back to school and yadda yadda yadda. This shows that when push comes to shove, he IS a hunter, and will do the right thing even when it hurts him. (Except, of course, when it comes to Dean. No way would he kill his brother if Dean were going to become a monster and start killing people at night.)

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