The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 8 "Home Town Dates" Review

Well it was a great night on The Bachelorette as Ali and the four remaining male hopefuls return to the USA for the hometown dates. And I must say throughout this entire two hour episode I was hoping for only one of the contestants to be sent home. I do not envy her decision because 3 out of the 4 men are absolutely amazing, any woman in their right mind would be so lucky. However, one hopeful does show some red flags but I have a feeling we will be seeing some emotional episodes ahead with him.

But tonight we first start out with Roberto. And Ali gets a chance to play baseball with him on his team's baseball diamond in Tampa Florida. The meet with the family went spectacularly and they all liked Ali. Roberto's dad was a little protective of his son and made sure to ask Ali if she would be willing to let Roberto pursue his future goals even if it meant he would have to travel away.

Then there was the hometown date with Chris in Cape Cod. And I think that if Chris doesn't get chosen by Ali in the end, he will definately be the next Bachelor on this show. You can not help but love the sincerity and nuture that this guy has. His family was amazing and also somewhat protective of Chris. But him and Ali moved forward in their relationship and I wish he would make it to the end. But do nice guys finish last?

Then there was the date with Kirk and his seperated parents. This part was the humourous part to this episode. Kirk's dad brought Ali down into his basement full of stuffed live animals. He is a taxedermist and it definately caught her by surprise. Their hometown date seemed to be the shortest.

Last was Franks and boy does this guy ever have mixed emotions going on. I can't read him and I don't think Ali can either. By the way he talks it is like he isn't even sure that he likes Ali but he just might be conflicted. Personally I think Ali likes him the most out of the four. But will he hurt her in the end?

At the rose ceremony Kirk did not get a rose and was sent home. Ali cried and told him this was very hard for her to do and has nothing to do with family. He was hurt definately but she let him know that she just doesn't think he is for her. I can not wait till next week as the three guys and Ali head to Tahiti!


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