Good news! There are working links and episode descriptions for ALL EPISODES, ALL 9 SEASONS.

Also thought I should mention: There are episodes that are mislabeled on there host site but I have placed them in the correct episode slot on Sidereel. EXAMPLE: Season 4/Episode 10 Paper Hearts.....on it is labeled as "X-Files.4-11.El.Mundo.Gira." RIGHT video, wrong name.

So please be careful before attempting to rearrange videos (the title may not match up but the video is in the right place on SideReel). Enjoy!


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Default avatar cat
May 26, 2008 4:57PM EDT

I'm working on going through all the links again. Some of them like "primetube" & "" site don't work on any computers I've tested them out on & seem to be just some sort of spam site. If you have any ideas of why they are not working or know for a fact those two site do indeed work I'll post those back up.

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