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episode 7......

Can any one post the link for episode 7 on megavideo (its the only place i can watch since im in cananda), Thannk you :)


| 16:47 EDT, 24 Apr, 2010
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! you've made my day.
| 12:15 EDT, 24 Apr, 2010
I've found two links to this episode on megavideo that I've added
| 16:14 EDT, 20 Apr, 2010
yes PLEASE! im in Canada also :( if i knew how to post a link i would...
| 01:32 EDT, 18 Apr, 2010
No problem. I'll do the same.
| 00:06 EDT, 18 Apr, 2010
Thanx for the link Cloe, I will keep checking :)
| 23:32 EDT, 17 Apr, 2010
Again, please please somebody post a link for us to watch episode 7. My advice for any non-US or Hulu banning individuals is to check Ninjavideo. It usually is up there, and last week's was, but this weeks isn't yet and I don't know if it ever will be. If you have a link PLEASE PLEASE post it. Thanks guys so much for your help. I'm started to worry that Sidereel just isn't as good for finding Television links anymore, and that instead of spending so much time tweaking new features, perhaps the sidereel community should be spending more time finding links before they work on renovating... Prove me wrong guys! I beg you! I love this site and I really want to help provide as much traffic and ad revenue as I possibly can for the site, because it's run by some really awesome people and I am pleading for proof that I'm wrong here. Thanks,Chloe P.S. Here's the link to the ninja video Real Housewives of NYC Season 3 site: but like I said, there's no guarantee they'll post season 3/ep7 so please please please post watchya got guys! Or send me a compliment on sidereel with the URL to a Canada friendly vid stream of the episode and once I verify it works I'd be happy to post the link myself.
| 23:21 EDT, 17 Apr, 2010
Agreed. Please somebody post this video! (I'm also in Canada and this is the only cast of real housewives I really enjoy and there aren't any decent links this which which makes me miserable) I can watch it (as with the above poster) on a site like megavideo, youtube, wisevid, zshare, div x den.... Just please please post a link that isn't US only.

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