PREVIEW The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 9 "The Finale"

And this is where it will all come down! After tonight's, "Women Tell All" episode, we were left with a promo trailer on the season finale of The Bachelor. Which can be seen at []

It's down to two women, and Jake brings in his family, including his mother to help him decide which one he wants to perhaps marry. We see a clip of his mother asking Vienna whether she was the one that all the girls hated in the house. And well, news flash, she was. You can see the dislike in his mother's face when they tell her that she was.

We also got a taste of his feelings towards both women. He stated, "I can see myself with Tenley for the next 60 years...I love her". After hearing that statement, I am assuming that is the road he chose, but I guess we will have to see next monday. The Bachelor has a good reputation of making you believe certain things are going to happen and then it ends up going in a completely different direction. Let me know what you think will be the outcome of next week.


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