Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 24 "POV" Review

Tonight's Big Brother 12 showed just how down to the wire we really are. And entering this POV competition it was do or die for Ragan especially with the alliances in the house. I never thought the Brigade would make it this far in the game but they are going strong or are they?

In the competition tonight it was pretty clear that Ragan needed to win it but then again everyone fought hard so that they didn't end up being a replacement nominee and Enzo to safe himself from the block. In the end it was down to Ragan and Enzo the worst case senario for Lane. Wait hold it right there! Enzo wins his first ever competition! But he had to bulldoze over Ragan in order to do it. It was do or die.

At that moment I was pretty certain Britney would go up and Ragan would be sent to the jury house tomorrow night. But it became clear and very smart on both of their parts that Enzo and Hayden would vote to evict Britney since she has such a strong alliance with Lane. Lane may have sensed this or not but in the end he put up Hayden. But Britney may vote to keep Ragan around. I guess we will find out tomorrow night!

As well this episode was extremely funny. One of the punishments for the house tonight was when music played they all had to dance, even at 3 am. I have never seen more worse dancing in my life, actually the best dancer by far not even joking you was Enzo, Enzo actually has some cool moves for the meow meow. Very entertaining to watch.


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