can someone fix the bogus seasons?

There are only 7 seasons of DS9... can someone delete the fake ones, or is there a way the users can do it?




Large good to be queen
Apr 1, 2009 12:34AM EDT

Fixing it now, and banning the spamming domain.

Large good to be queen
Apr 1, 2009 12:03PM EDT

I didn't mean I was having you banned. I submitted the domain that was spamming all those bogus season additions. Everything should be back to normal now, and the lock is off the page.

Large good to be queen
Apr 9, 2009 9:37AM EDT

Since you made this public, without giving me a chance to respond to your private message, I'll answer you here instead. If you will note above, you only said "can someone fix the bogus seasons?" and "can someone delete the fake ones".
At NO time did you say, "hey, I screwed up by adding fake seasons and fake episodes which have my personal domain in the episode description". We are not mind readers. If you had been "completely clear" up front that you did this by mistake, the banning would have been prevented. Adding domains to episode descriptions is common troll behaviour, and in the absense of information to the contrary, the response was appropriate.
This would be akin to you phoning your local police to say that the fences in your neighbourhood have graffiti all over them, and then becoming indignant when they arrived with a citation for vandalism because you did this yourself by accident with a broken spraygun. Without the proper context that it was a mistake, the meaning is obscured and the response is based on the information given.
"Why would I have reported the problem if I was the one who did it?" I don't know, starfish, but once again, you are unclear in your wording. You DID do it, albeit SideReel now knows by accident.
Now, as I told you already, since you notified the Admins, they will get around to correcting the ban as soon as they can. Next time, try to be a bit more clear in your reporting to avoid these sorts of misunderstandings. Your angry response here is out of order; you could have simply left to the Admins to correct your mistake and the response, as I told you in the private message.

Large good to be queen
Apr 9, 2009 11:12AM EDT

Starfish, It wasn't that big of an issue until you complained here; I was just explaining why I responded in kind (I hate repeating myself).
It's not that we don't appreciate your help on SideReel; we do. It that you did not make it clear that the spamming was your unintentional error, and the reaction was appropriate to the situation as it appeared at the time.
To answer your question, trolls and spammers commonly use that method to add their domains, making them visible immediately and giving them more hits which = more revenue. Reported as you did, it appeared to be a status quo of troll/spammer behaviour.
Whether you added them or not was not the issue. Your account wasn't deactivated; the domain that was spammed was banned. Now that you've let us know it was simply a mistake (i.e., the broken spray gun in my analogy), and the admins have been informed, the situation will be rectified accordingly.

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