Quantum of Solace- First Review

Still angered by the death of Vesper Lynd, James Bond (Craig) goes after the shadowy international organisation he holds responsible, even when M (Dench) orders him to stand down. Bond clashes with Dominic Greene (Amalric), who is cornering Bolivia's water supply, and teams with Camille (Kurylenko), who has her own mission of vengeance.

A pacy, visually imaginative follow-up to the series relaunch. If it doesnt even try to be bigger and better than Casino Royale, thats perhaps a smart move in that theres still a sense at the finish that Bonds mission has barely begun and he'll need a few more movies to work his way up to demolishing the apparently undefeatable Quantum organisation. As with The Dark Knight, the only real caveat is that while its exciting and imaginative, its not exactly anyones idea of fun. To keep in the game, perhaps the next movie - The Hildebrand Rarity? Riscio? The Property of a Lady? - could let the hero enjoy himself a bit more.

4 Out of 5

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