LaBeouf And Burger Make Dark Fields

It's impossible for us to express how happy it makes us that Shia LaBeouf is making a film for The Illusionist director Neil Burger this winter. LaBeouf and Burger? It's a pairing that's been written in the stars for decades, albeit usually spelled "beef burger". But we're pretty sure that all those meat patties were merely trying to prepare us for the day that the star and director would sign up to make The Dark Fields together, based on the 2002 novel by Alan Glynn.

The story takes place in the near future, where a drug called MDT-48 can make you brain function at a hugely more efficient pace, a sort of Viagra for the mind. Eddie Spinola's on it, and when his dealer gets shot and he's left with a large stash of it, he has to start dealing with the aftermath, and the side-effects.

The script's being adapted by Leslie Dixon, who's also writing The Birds remake (continuing LaBeouf's Hitchcock connection by proxy) and Burger says that despite the slightly sci-fi premise, this won't be handled in a sci-fi way - for more details on that, head over to our friends at It will shoot in New York this winter, after LaBeouf finishes Transformers 2 and Burger finishes promoting his new road movie The Lucky Ones.

LaBeouf sounds like a good fit for the lead, and we're sure that he and Burger will work their buns off on this one - which mayo turn out to be the best thing either has ever done. Let's hope they hold the cheese, and that the final product cuts the mustard. We'll ketchup with more details on this as they're revealed, but we're anticipating this one with relish.*

*Sorry. But you can't expect us to resist a god-given opportunity like this.


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