Little Britain USA Review

Having watched the 1st episode online a full week b4 it hits uk, heres my initial thoughts on the series.

simple really, theyve run out of ideas.

i so badly wanted this 2 b good. the only good sketch is the gym buddies. the rest are boring, tired and predictable.

in addition, excluding adverts the show only lasts 25 minutes

little britain was hugely successful and groundbreaking. unfortunately it got milked dry. the creators seem 2 b suffering from lack of ideas.

although this is only the 1st episode- u can get an idea of wot direction its heading.

i'll pass on this one and live with the memories instead



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Oct 6, 2008 5:56PM EDT

the idea of a sketch show is a little repetition, and you seem to want them to have everything fresh which defeats the concept~the gym buddies sketch was okay but it was a little out of it, i think if that's the only one you liked you're looking for a different type of comedy in the first place

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Oct 9, 2008 4:35AM EDT

tell me, where in my review did i mention it was repetitive?
as a fan of the original, u think i hadnt noticed that the same characters get used in different story each week?
its funny how the gym buddies sketch is the main one they showed on jonathan ross show and in all adverts 4 this new series.
with regards wot i expected from the series? well its exactly wot walliams and lucas said theyd provide. a relocation of some of their classic characters and some gr8 new sketches. all set in america. therefore my expectations werent unreal
when i say tired, boring and repetitive- im talking about the NEW SKETCHES (SHOCK HORROR). the old ones relocated 2 usa just dont really work- bubbles devere in las vegas? sad. lou and andy in motel? crap
come on- ure telling me u liked that boring spaceman skit? the grandmother on cocaine? limp and the pathetic police guy who gets erections from guns? one dimensional 2 the extreme.
stop nit picking
ure obviously a loyal diehard fan. as only they would bother sticking with watching such drivel/ crap

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