Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 9 "POV" Review

Well it wasn't the most highly entertaining and dramatic night on Big Brother 12. In fact I don't think we even had an appearance from Mrs. Julie Chan. But there was the POV competition tonight and whatever could go wrong for the Brigades it did.

It was pretty clear this alliance wanted someone to win the POV so they could backdoor Brendon but when selection time came for the competition both Brendon and Rachael were chosen. Lane as well was selected but unfortunately he isn't the strongest competitior in this show and was eliminated first. Leaving poor Andrew and Kathy to fight for themselves.

The competition consisted of guessing how many items there were in a blackjack style game of either staying or folding. Andrew was up against both Rachael and Brendon with Brendon winning the POV and keeping the nominations the same.

Matt started to regret his strategic move and started to panic telling Andrew that his goal was not this outcome and he hopes that Andrew is safe this week. There was a humourous part to tonight's show as Andrew gave his POV "save me" speech. And he declared that he was going after Brendon and Racheal hoping this would help his chances of staying in the house this week. But he came across as a crazy person especially when he said, "I am coming after you and Rachael, give me the POV".

Well I guess there is no telling which one will go home but at the rate Andrew his going he better start packing his bags.


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