American Idol Season 9 Episode 28 "Top 9 Perform" Review

Now these are some talented contestants! At the begining of this season when the top 24 were performing I thought that this had to have been one of the worst seasons for quality talent yet, but I was very mistaken! Tonight had to have been the best night so far for great performances by all of the contestants.

The nerves have left the building and the contestants are pulling out all the stops to be the winner at the end of this show. Tonight was the John Lennon/McCartney theme week and I thought some of the contestants might have problems choosing the right songs, especially the young ones. But I was once again mistaken. Everyone did such a great job tonight I am really not sure who will be in the bottom two tomorrow night.

My first guess would be T. Urban but the younger girls are just gaga over him so we can't easily assume it will be him. I haven't been a huge fan of Katie throughout this competition but tonight she pulled out the big guns and sang a great hit, 'Let it Be'. Crystal Bowersox also did an amazing job and Casey finally brought some ruggardness to his act.

I give tonight a solid 5 out of 5 for performance entertainment!


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