Ever wonder what movies the Mythbusters worked on????

I'm sure this isn't a complete list.

Jamie Hyneman-

1 Top Gun-(1986)

2 Rude Awakening-(1989)

3 Arachnophobia-(1990)

4 Naked Lunch-(1991)

5 Star Wars-Episodes,1 and 2-(1999,2002)

6 The Matrix-2 and 3-(2003)

Adam Savage-

1 Jack -(1996)

2 Flubber-(1997)

3 Home Alone 3-(1997)

4 Star Wars-Episodes,1and2-(1999,2002)

5 Bicentennial Man-(1999)

6 Galaxy Quest-(1999)

7 Space Cowboys-(2000)

8 A.I-(2001)

9 The Matrix-2and3-(2003)

10 Terminator 3-(2003)

Salvatore Belleci-

1 Starship Troopers-(1997)

2 Star Wars-Episodes,1and2-(1999,2002)

3 Galaxy Quest-(1999)

4 Monkeybone-(2001)

5 The Matrix-Reloaded-(2003)

6 Terminator 3-(2003)

7 Peter Pan-(2003)

8 Van Helsing-(2004)

Grant Imahara-

1 Jurassic Park-(1997)

2 Star Wars-Episodes,1,2and3-(1999,2002,2005)

3 Galaxy Quest-(1999)

4 A.I-(2001)

5 The Matrix-2and3-(2003)

6 Terminator 3-(2003)

7 Van Helsing-(2004)

8 xXx-State of the union-(2005)

Now I did not research to hard but from what i can tell Kari Byron has not worked in special,or visual effects Mythbusters might be her first job.



Large jempurple
Aug 29, 2008 1:02AM EDT

All I know is Kari has an art degree in film and sculpture.. I've seen a few freaky dolls she's made.

Large newrachelimage
Nov 10, 2008 3:01PM EST

Ugh...Flubber is a stain on Savage's record. That movie was abominable.

Default avatar cat
Jan 9, 2009 6:09PM EST

Flubber is not THAT bad. The true stains are xXx-State of the Union, and Home Alone 3

Default avatar cat
Jan 19, 2009 7:25PM EST


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