Abyss Review


Thursday the 10th's episode of Smallville was by far one of the bests thus far. Chloe is by far one of the top three characters on Smallville. I was pretty disappointed that Lois was in this week's episode, but that did not make my thoughts on the episode that different. Davis, I believe, was a clever idea on the writers' parts. Although, I do not think he is a good fit for Chloe, not saying Jimmy is a good fit either, but he is definitely better than Davis. It would make no sense to put Clark's best friend with his soon to be arch nemesis, although it would make for a lot more drama. The visual effects for the episode were beyond amazing. I loved the green signs for doom taking over the objects making it so all Chloe could remember was doom aka Davis. Clark was not a big part of this episode which I found rather interesting, but suprisingly I liked it. The connection between Clark and Chloe was truly seen, if it wasn't for me loving Clois, I would be on the Chlark ship. Over all I was far from disappointed this week.

Next week's preview:

I am so excited. The wedding looks so beautiful from the preview. I am half heartedly looking forward to Lana's return. Yes, I liked her way back when, but Clark and Lois are just getting to the realization that they like each other I don't want her to mess it up. Doomsday looked pretty cool also.


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