Vampire Diaries "Bloodlines" Season 1 Episode 11

Just finished watching this mid-season premiere episode and loved it! Who would have thought that Damien and Elena would get so close! It was actually nice to see since there is something about Damien that is extremely likeable even though he does tend to be the evil one.

So continuing from last episode where Elena finds the picture of Catherine, this episode goes into detail on why she shares such a similar appearance. I liked the twist at the end, makes sense and was something I was not expecting.

And Elena saving Damien's life! Didn't see that one coming but I am glad that she did! I don't think that the show would have quite the pizazz and excitement if he was off the show. Even after all these revelations in the show, the last minute explains just who this history teacher is and what he is actually doing in Mystic Falls!!! I orginally thought he was a vamp as well, but boy was I wrong.


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Jan 22, 2010 5:11PM EST

his name is damon!

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