Bones - "Dentist in the Ditch" worst episode of Bones

Dentist in the Ditch was the worst episode from Bones, and this is coming from an absolute lover of Bones. the plot was confusing, the humor was horrible, and it just was a totally boring and non captivating. Which was a total let-down because last weeks episode was one of the best ones. Proof in the Pudding you really felt the usual Bones awesomeness, with the beautiful mix of seriousness, comedy, action, and the unbelievable character chemistry (which is probably the shows biggest point). It felt like they put a season's worth of political correctness into one episode. But lets stay away from politics, this is entertainment. Well it just wasn't entertaining which was very disappointing. Hopefully this coming episode will be the usual Bones awesomeness.



Large 1317888533 my only friend
Feb 4, 2010 2:26AM EST

same here. Big bones fan, but disappointed. It seems like they just put in the episode to fill up space

Default avatar cat
Feb 6, 2010 3:43AM EST

i agree completely. i want to see more episodes like the proof in the pudding, a night at the bones museum, critic in the cabernet, harbingers in the fountain and the santa in the slush.. they were all excellent episodes :D

Default avatar cat
Feb 23, 2010 11:13PM EST

i totally agree.. It was a let down & i really love bones.. Hope the next episode is back to normal..

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