A joke on us about Nathans long awaited power!! Thats what i thought till i new of another series!

Its like we finally found out Nathans Power an i thought well what is this saying as a last ever episode? They all had gifts that could be anoying or land them in trobel an as Nathan Really did not seem to have much feelings or consideration for anyone else an a mouth to make up for the power he lacked, was this last episode in were we saw his power was never to die mean that he ended up with the worst an was doomed to stay in his coffin for eternity an forever live with himself an that cheeky mouth with no one to use it on? Or was we ment to use our imagination an think of ways in how he could come back like Kelly reading hearing his thoughts an rescuing him??Well thank god there will be more cause i could see the funny side on how they coulda just left the serise there,the long antsisapated wait about Nathans power not just over but to end the series on an his friends would never have even known an cause he was such an ass he got the worst turn out! lol

I think he was really funny an i cant wait to see were the story go's from here an the whole coffin an new power turn out ends up..I think the directors left it a while b4 it was said about another series on pupose.

As much as i could have seen the funny side an the joke on us bit i still was really pissed of to think that was it!! My jaw at the end of the last episode was on the floor an how about the ice cube woman in the freezer? an that there are others running around with all kinds of powers.There is room for lots more storys an i cant wait.

Well going back to my fav character ( NATHAN ) Just one last thought! ;D


I was thinking now i know there will be more, that there just might be more than IMMORTALITY To his power, Cause im remembering when he was bang in trobs with all them people after him,that myserious person on the bike came to his rescue.How about a 9 life power like a cat or maby a power that just gets him out of all kinds of sticky situations,ones he cant choose but just happen like the 2 we have seen already an allthough that would be a good power Nathan being Nathan after a while would be anoyed that his power was one that he could not controll or use, just one that happened to get him out of really bad situations..OK i know im getting carried away here an will just have to see lol.Im just still over the moon that there is going to be another series!!


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