PLEASE let the madness stop!

I have written two thoughts, and If anyone reads them, they both Lana bash(that includes this one). But come on already, The series is turning into one big joke. Power is an episode that just wasted every die hard fans time and dedication. Lana is far less an important part of the series now than ever, and as much as I loved her for the first 4 or 5 seasons(Oh! How I did)it is over let the dog die for Christ sake. Clark is a dynamic character at this point in Superman chronology and, The Man of Steel is turning into a lovesick puppy dog. He has bigger fish to fry with the early but TV made appearance of Doomsday. He has a job that we all know and love. And he has Lois who has been written out by who knows what doofus writer that I wish to strangle. With this as the last season I don't see it being memorable at all.


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