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At first glance I knew the show had more potential than the trailers and teasers gave. I watch it and gave it lots of attention. As always I was right. Yeah I know that is a little egotistical. But I have this knack for picking hits in cinema. It was refreshing look outside of cell phones, annoying girls, and brainless hunks. A lot of others have wrote how there experiences went in high school. I found that bit of nostalgia in the show also. My school had levels and it hasn't changed and probably won't. Glee opens that door to dare. The jock turned singer was classic and the electricity between him and the over achiever is almost rival to Chuck and Sara from Chuck. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for more.


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May 21, 2009 12:35AM EDT

I thought it was barely watchable it relies on the selling power of High School Musical to drive people to watch the show as overall there is almost nothing new about this show, many of the plot devices and character types have been borrowed directly from High School Musical additionally the stereotypical looks and attitudes of the characters were dull and has been done to death. A refreshing into teenage school life in the US would be welcome. The most positive thing you could say about this pilot is that the actors are able to sing well. However, again the choice of songs in highly uninspiring although it does reflect the current popular opinion on music this decade, sadly. Perhaps the next episode will be better but for now 2/10 less reliance on tired overused stereotypes and plots of other shows and this show could be worth watching. Having said that I don't doubt this show will be popular as stated above but not because it has anything new to offer but because High School Musical was highly popular.
For those who enjoy musically based shows, it would be worth watching All The Small Things. A recently aired British drama focused around a choir that challenges perceptions of a choir by singing covers of pop-punk songs in a choral harmony, the first song covered is All The Small Things by Blink 182.

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