Awesome One!

Just an everyday story with exceptional direction and a stellar script. The edited version makes you think that Shoaib Mansoor has only tried to post some questions about the dogmatic religious beliefs of people of Pakistan but uncensored version makes it palpable that its rather a statement coming from Shoman which is anything but a sincere attempt to start an honest debate.

A little research will reveal the fact that the main theme is actually Shoaib Mansoor's personal vendetta driven. Junaid Jamshed's decision of quitting music is what Shoman is peeved about. Shoman was the one to direct his videos and write lyrics of his songs. This issue between the two grew to such an extent that the two stopped talking to eachother. The bitterness of the Ghamdi type (but bearded) Maulana's dialogues in the movie is a tell-tale of Shoman's feelings. This, however, does nothing to harm the entertainment value of the movie but only adds to it.

The movie, nevertheless, fails terribly at its basic aim of being food for thought. For me, its nothing but a movie.


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