What a ending!!

I can't believe she chose Jessie. I thought for sure she was going to chose Jason. I think he was her soul mate. I feel sad for Jason. me as a single women I can honestly say its so hard to find true love and let go of my armor on myself to let someone else in. I totally understand how Jason feels. but she picked Jessie, wow didn't see that one coming. he's so wild and fun, but I wonder can he be a mature adult and take care of her and love her as a man should. In this world its so hard to find mr. right. I've dated so much and I've been married 2 times, and divorced. so I know how hard it is to let someone in. You don't want to get hurt. I truely hope Jason finds someone special who he knows for sure without any doubts that she will love him like he loves her and they marry. Good Luck Jason!


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Jul 12, 2008 4:02AM EDT

i liked, no, loved jessie n m glad she picked him. i think people judged him 2 harshly just becos he wore pink shoe laces( which by d way was hot) n he is a snow boarder (sizzling hot). this has no bearing on whether he can take care of a family or not. knowing how 2 enjoy life( snowboarding) doesn't equal immaturity.

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