The Mentalist: "Red John's Footsteps"

The CBI team is called out to the scene where the body of Emma Plaskett was found. Jane notices that Emma's toenails are painted with her own blood. The team looks up and notices Red John's signature smiley face in skywriting.

Emma has a twin sister, Maya, who is still missing. Jane is convinced that the girls were not chosen as victims randomly, but that it was done on a personal level. Lisbon feels that it's a trap set by Red John for Jane. Cho and Rigsby investigates the skywriting side of the case and it leads them to the post box of a fictional company where they find a letter that leads them to Rosalind Harker. She had a relationship with Red John but is blind and can only provide information based on her other senses. She provides more information in Red John's friend Dumar.

Following up on a lead of a property linked to Red John, Jane is held at gunpoint by Sheriff Hardy (Dumar). Lisbon comes to Jane's rescue but Red John escapes. Sheriff Hardy gets out of his handcuffs and Jane blows him away with a shotgun as Hardy tries to shoot Lisbon.


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