24: Season 1 Episode 20: "7:00PM - 8:00PM"

The last 5 episodes before this one were somewhat dull and it felt as if that 24 had lost the plot. The writers seem to have been running out of ideas but all that proved to be wrong when this episode aired!

The last episode provides a very good lead-in to this episode as we finally saw a glimmer of progress in the plot. The characters of Tony, Drazen and Teri, who had so far been neglected by the writers, finally had some meaningful interaction with the storyline. Jack, however, is main focus of this episode. In this episode, Bauer stumbles onto a secret prison facility and meets a person that he allegedly killed 2 years ago, from his past. I am talking about the "infamous" Victor Drazen.

This episodes benefits from great writing, some great twists and some of the most thrilling sequences that are guaranteed to shake your body. My favorite one is when Jack finds, what appears to be a "tunnel" and then all of a sudden the guards make a surprise appearance. Some other great scenes are the part with Drazen arriving by chopper and Bauer having the prison workers secure him, the interrogation between Bauer and Drazen and of course, that ending.. one which makes you go a big *WHOA*. I'd go as far as saying that this is amongst the best cliffhangers of 24 to date.

The subplots in this one were not very bad either - in fact I am kind of starting to like the Kim subplot even. Its funny how she keeps getting in trouble for nothing. Oh and Krugman's reaction to Kim's story in the interrogation room was hilarious. The Palmer's son subplot kind of got the wrap up in the last episode and we just get to see its aftermath.

All in all, this was one of the better episodes of Season 1. For me this was the second best episode of the Drazen arc. Surely you'll enjoy it.


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