The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode9: "Flame Red"

Jane and his team head to a small farming town to investigate the murder of a National Guard veteran, Rich Garcia, who was killed in an arson fire.

After learning Rich's fellow veteran buddy, Dave Martin, was killed (?) in another fire a few years back, the team goes to question the town's police chief, also a veteran from Rich's unit, only to find the police station ablaze.

With three out of four members from the unit killed by fire, Jane and his team dig deeper and learns Dave discovered something more valuable than gold to the drought-stricken farming community - blue gold - a bountiful water supply on land purchased for him by his fellow soldiers.

However, when Dave refused to cut them in on the potential profits, his "buddies" set his house on fire.

Evidence points to the only surviving soldier, Ben Machado, but when someone tries to set him on fire, the team realizes the killer is not motivated by greed, but by revenge - seeking to avenge Dave's murder.

A "Usual Suspects" mystery...


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