So entertaining it might be a crime

The episode begins with us seeing the strife between the Teams of Agent Bosco and Lisbon. Within the same department its obvious to us that they can't stand each other. This scenario makes sense based on Bosco's feelings for Patrick Jane but it is highly unlikely that the entire team hold the same feelings as every other member of the team. Is there no individuality in law enforcement?

As the team work together they begin to relax and trust each other. This makes sense being that as people get to know each other they relax and act more at ease with each other. The back and forth between Bosco and Jane is believable based on prior episodes and adds another layer beyond the normal crime drama.

The relationship story lines that exemplify why this show has been a success are highlighted in this show. Showing the human side of law enforcement; each character shows a different side of humanity. Jane the rule bending experienced man of the world, Lisbon as the strong silent woman in charge and Bosco and the hard line rule follower. Overall a great episode to watch. For any new watchers you may want to catch up on the season before watching this one.


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