The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 17: "Carnelian, Inc."

Jane and team receive a note that tells them that someone will die at a set of exact coordinates at an exact team. Jane packs a picnic and the team travel to the spot where the personnel director from a large company, Carnelian Prime Trust falls out of the sky, the victim of a skydiving mishap that is...murder!

Randall Falk, the president and CEO of the company, is pretty flippant and cold in the face of it all, declaring they are not going to abandon the retreat.

Another executive declares them to be the real victims here, and another anonymous message demands an apology from Carnelian for being greedy, arrogant businessmen who put the simple folk out of work.

Some computer magic leads to Lee Skelling, who works at the airport and wrote Carnelian a strongly worded letter. Once in CBI custody, we learn the origin of his letter came from not being paid a fifty thousand dollar bonus after his company was bought by Carnelian.

While Cho has Lee in the interrogation room, Lisbon and Jane go to see Lee's wife Jessi. She doesn't believe that he screwed with the guy's parachute, because he said he didn't and would not lie to her -- especially with her dying and all. She says if he goes to jail then when she dies the kids will go into foster care.

Meanwhile, another anonymous message leads to the discovery of a dud bomb underneath Falk's bed at the retreat. The bomb squad guy gives the appraisal that the bomb was army work -- done by someone who knew what they were doing.

And after it is discovered that another executive has made a killing on the stock market from shorting Carnelian stock, the team are too late to arrest her as she is killed in an another apparent that pins the murders on the retreat owner.

However, Jane suspects otherwise and using the supposed dud bomb, he unmasks the mastermind behind the dastardly plot.


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