24: Season 1 Episode 14: "1:00 PM - 2:00 PM"

Ouch! A fairly lousy episode by 24 standards.

Last episode's ending resulted in the culmination of the Ira Gaines arc. 24 had started off brilliantly in the first 13 episodes, but it was now up to the creators of the show to keep the tradition going. The writers were given the tough job to come up with something new for the audience. However, in one word what they came up with was: Nothing. At least not in this episode.

"Boring" would be the word I'd choose to describe this episode. There's not a single moment aside from some good dialogues, which would make this episode stand out. Continuing on from last episode, Jack is brought back to CTU after his heroics in the field. But then the whole department considers Jack to still be suspicious and aiding the terrorists. Basically, the whole episode is centered around Jack talking to agents and CTU personnel inside an investigation room and it gets monotonous soon. Chapelle (a character who I wasn't fond of initially) almost turns Jack over to the higher authorities at one point.

And on the other hand, we've got Teri, Kim and Nina in a safe-house. The writers throw in a bit of thrill when we find out some of the terrorists are still after them and they've even manage to locate the safe-house. In the Palmer storyline, we don't see a lot of progress except that He shocks everyone at the end by showing up inside the CTU office, looking for Jack... Tick tick tick...


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