24: Season 1 Episode 5: "4:00 AM - 5:00 AM"

Teri and Alan arrive at the hospital and find Janet on the operating table. Kimberley is tied up in the backseat of Gaines' car. There is a change in plan and the guys have to drive to the compound to collect their money. Rick realises Gaines is crazy and want to get out but he cannot.

Jack instructs Nina over the phone to contact Ryan Sealey. Nina has to ask Tony for the number and he has all kinds of issues. Over at the police station, Jack is trying to interrogate the bad guy but Mason puts a stop to it. Jack eventually succeeds in talking to the bad guy and places his phone number on a piece of paper in the bad guys' hand during a 'physical altercation'. The bad guy, Penticoff, calls Jack and tells him that his instructors are going to make a call to him at a certain booth in 20 minutes and if he doesn't answer they will know something's wrong and Kimberley might be killed. Jack plans a jailbreak.

Jack stages a fight with the guards and during all this Penticoff manages to steal a keycard and walks out of jail. Maureen Kinsley and Palmer meets in the conference room and she reveals her sources, George Ferragamo is one.

Gaines calls Penticoff and tells him to get rid of a body in the trunk of a car. Nina cannot trace the call. Jack starts to panic. They locate the car and body when Mason arrives on the scene. At the compound, Gaines kills Dan. At the hospital, Janet's life is hanging by a thread.


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