The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 11: "Red John's Friends"

An inmate, serving a long prison sentence for murdering his family housekeeper's daughter, whom he claims was his lover, contacts Jane about having information on Red John that he'll reveal...if Jane will prove his innocence.

Minelli, the boss of Jane's team, does not approve the reopening the case, and Jane, who is desperate to find Red John, quits the CBI, and the rest of the team takes a week's suspension to help him.

After delving into the Renfrew family affairs, Jane makes a disturbing discovery that Jared's mother committed the murder and framed Jared, after learning he was in love with the housekeeper's daughter and that the girl was her husband's child from an affair.

Following the mother's confession, Jared is released, but escapes from Jane's team before revealing anything about Red John.

However, when they hunts him down in Mexico, they find that Red John has gotten to him first, leaving behind only some cryptic words to the information he had.


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