The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 2: "Red Hair and Silver Tape"

The Pilot left me wanting more Mentalist. It was a good pilot. But what separates the great dramas from the NBC is this: did the first "real" episode make that hunger go away, or did it only make me hungrier?

You get a sense of the show getting into a rhythm in this episode. The drawing out of the development of Jane's theory, the countdown until his hunches are proven right, the little milestones throughout that are inserted for comic relief (like the staged date) or the little victories for Jane (the hypnosis)�these are the elements that we can certainly expect to pepper every episode.

But what was good about this is that there wasn't too much pepper. It was just enough to make you comfortable and hook you in. Moreover, we saw in this episode a little bit more about Jane. We saw him verge on the arrogant and almost go too far in using hypnosis to get answers and submitting Van Pelt as bait. We know that he is, first and foremost, a winner, who will prove himself right-this episode makes us wonder how far he will go to prove that. We also saw him truly afraid when confronted with a life-or-death scenario. The superhuman was instantly humanized. He looked so pathetic brandishing his cell phone against a gun and a knife, and so spent when his would-be killers were dropped by his boss; it was a poignant reminder that, in spite of his gifts, he doesn't have a badge or a gun, and there's a reason he hangs around with CBI officers. Jane's character has dimension, which is enough special something to keep me coming back for more formula


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