The Mentalist: Season 1 Epsidoe 8: "A Thin Red Line Review"

When a State's witness in a narcotics case and his girlfriend (Patrice Matigan) are shot in a motel room, Jane and his team are called in on the high-stakes case.

Local police suspect the drug dealer on trial is behind the murders since there is no case without the witness. But Jane thinks otherwise, pointing to Patrice as the intended target, after finding her daughter in her car, and surmising that the killer followed Patrice to the murder site.

Focusing on Patrice, the team discovers she might have been having an affair with a veteran police officer, with her murder intended to cover up the affair.

But when the evidence doesn't add up, Jane organizes a fake stake-out to ultimately catch the real killer, and uncover the tragic truth behind the murders.

At the end, Jane unites Patrice's daughter with her devastated grandfather and his wife.


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