24: Season 1 Episode 24: "11:00PM - 12:00AM"

This episode is, in my opinion, a true nail-biter! One of the most intense TV episodes ever written. Behold, the season finale of 24 Season 1.

Jack Bauer's longest day is on the verge of being finished and he has yet to meet the worst of it. It was recently revealed to us who the other other mole is, who turned out to be one of Jack's closest colleagues. Now, the assailants and the mole are working behind his back and have come up with an ingenious plan to entrap him. However, Jack has got quite a few tricks up his sleeve and we know how he always manages to turn the tables over. So, who wins this time? Just when it seems that the danger is fully over, you get the shock of your life.

The first 20 and the last 10 minutes of this episode will strike you with the utmost awe. This episode on a whole provides us with breathtaking and heart pounding sequences that really show us the intensity 24 is all about! Kiefer Sutherland is the man stealing the whole show. The writers provide us some of the best dialogues we've seen throughout 24 that fit in perfectly with the situations present in this episode. The episode works with the help from the script and plot and is near perfection in all the other aspects.

Overall, this'll provide you with one of the most groundbreaking and incredible TV hours of your life, especially one which you would never forget.


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