Does anyone other then me think

Does anyone other then me think that sometimes they have made Superman, a little like Batman, in the way that he is this lone hero.

It is almost like he prefers to be alone, and also the storyline, with people almost all over the world trying to keep his identity a secret, so that he can have a normal life until the day he decides to follow his destiny. That reminds me a little of the Terminator story...

But all and all i love the series it's great and has a lot of twists.

For the battle ahead with Doomsday I would very much like to see Clark finally stepping up, and assembling a "team". They could bring back other characters that he has work with before, like Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and so on. I know that they are bringing in other characters but sometimes I think it would be a nice twist to bring in some of the old characters.

Or maybe Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) could have one team with the old characters and then Superman with another team with Saturn Girl and the others.

Okay now I am going to stop, otherwise I will go on for ever.


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