the season so far

I was slightly confused as to why there won't be another episode for so long....does anyone know why they split this season into two halfs?

I have to admit that i was looking forward to having a season without clark and lana and love how it has given him more chance to interact with the other characters. i know she has returned for several episodes but she does seem to have changed and clearly with an alternative motive given the text she recieved in 'Bride'.

I was however slightly dubious of a season without Lex but i have loved this season. You can slowly see things coming more together and the gradual introduction of Doomsday has been interesting as they look at the human alter ego before the appearance of the monster. There hasn't been so many clean cut bad guys in this season which i think makes it more interesting.

The role of Chloe has gone through major changes this season with the increase of power to the loss of her memory and unaware of clarks powers. it is interesting that it was her human and compassionate side that has gotten into trouble this time by connecting with Davis and resulting in the abduction druing her wedding celebrations.

Lois has also been featuring more predominantly in this season and though i know many want them to get together i like the way that it hasn't been rushed and even though they are growing closer together they have given Clark a chance to be alone instead of just rushing from one romance to another.

I'm really looking forward to the next half of this season and it's a pity the wait has to be a little while. With the mid way clifhanger it will be interesting to see how things develop from here on out. the second half is definitely looking promising.


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Dec 3, 2008 2:58AM EST

it is very clever when you think about it, make us wait and hopefully get alot of viewers when it returns with the new heroes, gradual entrance of doomsday and the lois-clark saga as you said it is definitely looking better than most if not all previous seasons.

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