The season so far.....

I was a bit worried this season that it might be a bit dull or repetitive on the storylines of past but I am enjoying this season more than i thought i would. I like the fact that they've kept the meredith and derek relationship in a more steady place and quite like the competition for her atteniton between Derek and Christina. I'm not sure about the Izzy storyline as the only way to resolve it is to do with her state of mind and it depends on how they go about that. I hope they don't keep it going on for too long though.

I have to admit i was worried that all the newcomers to the show would take away from the main storylines but i've been quite enjoying teir arrivals. the new doctor is very interesting, and it's nice to see christina being more involved again. i was slightly unsure of Erica but did think the abrupt removal of the character was unfair and think they could have allowed one more episode to wrap it up half decently.

I'm liking the new role of the hospital as it sturggles to become more of a team instead of everyone out for themselves as they try to improve their rating.

I'm hoping the season continues to get stronger with each episode and am looking forward to seeing how thing develop as things progress.


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