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First things first: Discworld devotees will be delighted with how this TV adaptation has turned out. It's faithful to the plot, broadly speaking – some scenes are left out for narrative and time reasons, but that was to be expected – and the world of Ankh-Morpork, the mythical Wyrmberg and the rest of the Disc is spectacularly created on-screen thanks to some stellar special effects.

Casting is also pretty well handled. David Jason brings an unmistakable passion to the role, and Sean Astin – despite conceding to have little knowledge of the books before taking on the gawdy shirt of Twoflower – was obviously enjoying himself. Christopher Lee was the voice of death – sadly not matched by the cheap-looking special effects – and we were told, beforehand, to watch out for The Patrician: a superb cameo by the legendary Jeremy Irons, whose voice dripped off the screen.

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