Real Romances for "Trophy characters"?

Glee is catchy and feel-good and all the things a good musical sort of TV show should be, but the real reason I keep watching is because I have this sense like it has real possibilities to do something no other show of its kind has even tried, and that's to give REAL roles to the trophy characters.

So many times I see stories like this fall into the stereotypes- gay boy, spunky black girl, wheelchair kid, and stuttering asian can't break out of their roles and have real interactions. When I started watching the show, I was aware that in this hormonnally overdosed environment, the only people that any of these characters could possibly fall for is another member of the trophy club. Lo and behold, Mercedes developed a thing for Kurt, and Tina and Artie had their thing. Why can't one of them develop a relationship with someone "normal"?!

I'm not trying to start a revolution here, the main characters are people that the greatest percentage of the population can relate to, and that makes sense. But I really think that there are stories here that are not being exploited emotionally AND for the sake of ratings. People love, for example, a good gay romance. They can't get enough of it! And I bet you anything that the ratings would go through the roof! So why are gay characters in mainstream stories (mainly TV) never involved romantically? Unrequited love is a different issue. What mainstream gay character does NOT have an unrequited love situation? But if Mercedes, Kurt, or Artie were to develop a real, non-trophy relationship? Well that would be brilliant.

The lighthearted foundation of Glee would be the PERFECT place, in my opinion, to test drive this new kind of entertainment. This is not a complaint about where the show is going, because it is entirely expected and I can't fault them for that. I just really hope to be pleasantly surprised, I think it's an excellent opportunity for future storylines!



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Dec 14, 2009 11:17PM EST

Yes! I want to see Kurt find a nice boy. I love seeing him interact with his dad, too.

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