how can they cancell dsm is the best show ever... how thats just wrong.. will it be another season or is it just the resdt of the season 1??? can someone tell me thi



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Jan 1, 2009 1:27PM EST

The show was good in the first season but boy did it go downhill its second season. The new showrunner is awful, Simon took over and ruined much of the show including Karen's character, who became a simpering wimp. Dutch's murder was largely dropped as a storyline (it was only the major plot of the show and the major character motivation of the show's main character in the first season.) The elder Darling couple were neglected. Carmelita's disappearance was ignored as a plotline though she was possibly the only purely "good", nice, moral character. Runner-up would be Brian Jr's mother...so they gave her "terminal" (maybe) cancer. They turned the show into one I hated to hate. :( I hope the show's good actors (there are several) find better shows...

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Jan 3, 2009 3:15PM EST

that's right I so loved the show in its first season, and then the storyline just missed something and got dull! Why don't producers don't cast writers online and why not, take into account online viewers. So many shows popped up and so many of them got axed. The fact is that there were too many of them, and the most important is that there are shows that I just did not watch because I guess that there would not have been another season. Viewers get capricious, and people don't entertain themeselves,instead they just gamble on which show will survive and which on will not. I got deeply attracted by HBO True Blood and am glad that a second season is on.Anyway they should give some shows a good end, how can they just interrupt a program like that! They should change the sample of people on which they test show, I'm sorry, but I'm just upset about the making-money excuse.

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