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Thats so cool that he's directing!! that just makes him even more HOT!!! :-) This is the 3rd episode he's directed...what were the other 2?? I wonder if we'll notice a difference with this episode.

Who do you think is gonna die...i think its gonna be Lana...well i hope!! she should have been gone 1000 years ago!!


| 18:24 EDT, 05 May, 2008
i agree its time claqrk focus's on the bigger picture here, becoming superman for heaven bring in another main character from the original super man like a quick show of wonder woman or hawk girl or even the green lantern, all the amazing chacters that have a huge impact to do with clark/superman
| 21:03 EDT, 02 May, 2008
I agree lana was good at first.....but theres always too much of a good thing....her character is getting annoying
| 16:25 EDT, 02 May, 2008
I agree when will he get over Lana. It had to end
| 10:32 EDT, 01 May, 2008
well she has nothing to do with Superman...she was just a high school crush, the whole drama between her and clark is reeally annoying..they love eachother they hate each other...etc...and i cant stand it when she talks. lolI dont know i think she was good for seasons like 1-5...but shes all done. thats just my opinion
| 04:28 EDT, 01 May, 2008
I don't know why you all hate Lana, its stupid, she a great character.
| 22:17 EDT, 30 Apr, 2008
He directed 5x18-Fragile and 6x10-Hydro

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