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man...this time of no smallville is so sad! :-( I'm watching all of them all over when season 7 comes out on dvd i'll be all up to date! :-D

I know im a nerd!! lol

so whats anyone's favorite episode??

i reeeally like the "spell" from season 4. watching that with the commentary is HILARIOUS!! I reeally like Lana's and Jason's relationship at the beginning of season 4...its really cute, its like they dont even have to act. but then he goes psycho but thats beside the point! lol Chloe is by far my favorite! she's awesome!

ok im done...just trying to make convo!! ;-)


| 21:33 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
yes i agree I'm excited!! :-D and yes the Green arrow will keep me happy!! haha :-)
| 12:18 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
its okay Kmack, Green arrows in the next season so that should keep you happy ;)but yeah i think we'll see more of the justice league members making an appearance, since that Doomsday guy is supposedly invincible, poor old superboy will need all the help he can get.despite all the people saying its gonna be poor, i think it will be surprisingly good, the next season
| 09:49 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
lol...owell idc if BM comes or not i jsut wanna c some more of the J/L
| 07:27 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
the cool ones do, but yeah even if batman had super powers he would still be a loser! lol
| 18:30 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
lol...batman has his ups and downs but he is part of the jsutice league...and not every hero has to have super powers
| 17:38 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
i dont like batman...he's a loser. yeah cuz he doesnt even have powers, all he has is money...and he's batman cuz he's afraid of sorry but thats lame! lol just my opinion!
| 14:16 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
Batman is probably one of the cooler superheroes cuz he does all the crime fighting and stuff without powers.
| 10:25 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
well green arrows already down for some episodes, dunno about the rest, hope they do though.would definately like to see Bruce Wayne (Batman) make an appearence, that would be a quality episode
| 10:12 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
i agree, the one with the justice league was pretty cool, i hope there is more of them in season 8 =D, they need to get wonder woman and batman and all of them to join.
| 07:29 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
yeah that one was BEAST!!I wish they would come back randomly later in the they were visiting. lolbut at least clark mensions them a couple times so we know that they arent completely gone.
| 07:14 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
quite liked the one with the justice league guys in it

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