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Finally ABC gave us the first promo of season 5 of Lost!!!

Here is the link:

LOST Season Five Official Trailer #1

just scroll down and you will find the preview.


| 08:32 EDT, 22 Mar, 2012
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| 11:01 EDT, 24 Oct, 2008
Omg... I am so stoked! The only time Darlton ever let us down, IMO, was catering to the fans and making the eps about Jack's tattoos. So I'm excited for the new season to hurry and get here. I have a feeling it will be the best yet, especially as we will see them having to interact with non-island people to get back. And you know Widmore isn't having any of it.
| 01:45 EDT, 23 Oct, 2008
Replaced with a new one. Don't know when that one will get pulled too though...
| 01:00 EDT, 23 Oct, 2008
Broken link :|
| 21:38 EDT, 22 Oct, 2008
I totally agree with you, i am very anxious for these new season, but i have a small feeling that it will ruin Lost but there could be a possibility that it will make it way better than what it was before.We will just have to wait and see.
| 21:07 EDT, 22 Oct, 2008
I can't decide if it's cool or lame that they have to go back to the island. It looks like crazy stuff will transpire, but if it turns out that the only solution to continuing the show is to make the characters go back instead of figuring out more to do with them when they're "home," that's falling into the lame category. We'll see if it gets ridiculous or the very hopeful mind-blowing!

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