The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 5: "Red Scare"

The best thing about The Mentalist is the nonchalant attitude of its main character, Patrick Jane. This is evident in Episode 5 where Jane and the CBI Team encounter what looks to be a haunted house. The legends abound concerning the prior owner of the house and his unfortunate demise after a new owner, who was subsequently planning on "gutting" the old house, is mysteriously killed. Instead of buying into any old ghost stories, Jane looks for the parlor tricks behind the hauntings.

Since his own past is riddled with tricks to pull the wool over others eyes, he knows there is something wrong with the mere idea of a haunting. He does his special kind of investigating and discovers the true killer behind the unfortunate murder.

All the while, the budding romance of Rigsby and Van Pelt is tested. When they are left alone in a creepy tunnel in search of the escape route of the killer, things get a little too serious for Van Pelt. But, we see the bloom on the rose of a fiery relationship to come.


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