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Why don't the clips work?

I'm trying to watch episode 17 of season 2.....tudou only has half the episode, and it's the only site that actually works! ouou used to work and now it doesn't load at all. Could whoever was doing the part 1 / part 2 thing from tudou please continue doing it for the rest of the episodes? I don't understand why ouou isn't working all of a sudden, and I can only watch the first 21 minutes on tudou, and it's all very frustrating.


| 17:06 EDT, 29 Apr, 2008
you might try most of the links they had were working.
| 00:58 EDT, 15 Apr, 2008
Someone posted a tip about that: "go to the third season, the first episode, click on the link that goes via that should take you to a website with a link to part one and two of each episode from season 1 to season 3"

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