Slow...but WOW! Spoiler Alert.

The makers have successfully got me concerned for the future again! Not the future of the world though. That I think will be taken care of. But, about the future of the characters. From the looks of it, this season might be more about who's the villain and who will be the hero. There are interesting story lines and some very interesting "line's" that leave you wondering...who all are connected in this maze of characters? More interestingly, how?!

I am glad that Bob is taken care of and more than happy with Angela Petrelli stepping into his shoes. But, its absolutely irritating for the older generation to throw their weight around when they can't even pluck the hair off of a super human. I wish the makers reveal something compelling about these people.

Many characters which looked like they were ended in season 2 come back about which I am really not thrilled. I gave a sigh of relief when Niki's character ended last season but for some reason Ali is back as a new character! I am honestly bored of seeing the same faces. Unless there is some mind-blowing reason behind it, this recycling of actors might look mindless. I believe the show needs something new. Speaking of which, the "load runner" character was interesting. And, Suresh with powers?(reminded me of Spidy for a bit) Awesome!

Anyhow...the show looks did not meet my expectations. Left a lot of questions unanswered like,

1) Who was angela petrelli talking to at the end of last season? Wheres the connection to what she said? Hope they show this in the future.

2) How does she know Peter isn't present peter?

3) Who is the light? (Please, not Claire...)

4) Whats up with Claire's invincible nonsense?

5) Why did Peter just watch as a girl is being burned at the end? Did he lose his powers? What did Future-Peter do to old-himslef?

6) Who healed Nathan if Linderman is just a ghost or what is Linderman?

7) How come 'scar-face' peter still exists after changing the future? Since that future is no more, shouldn't he vanish or something?

Hope it gets better as it goes!




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Sep 23, 2008 5:53AM EDT

Question 2 was answered...she saw it happening before it did because seeing into the future is her ability. Plus I think they might be using the 'mom's know everything' spin. lol They just have great intuition. :)
Question 4 - Something happened during the exchange between her and Sylar and now she no longer feels pain. That's something she clinged to in order to feel real, alive, human. The writer's use that as the reason for her change since in the beginning she's about to shoot her uncle she loved so much. Something in her had to change for that to happen...empathy had to dissipate.
As for the rest - you can't answer them all in two episodes when there's still a whole season to go! :)
I thought it lived up to the hype, even though I'm seeing a lot of similarities to the not-so-popular show, The 4400. This one is definitely done much better with a much bigger budget though.I'm excited to see how the rest of it plays out.

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Sep 23, 2008 7:05AM EDT

Question 6: I suspect that Linderman is really just in Nathan's head. And recall, Nathan has had a dose of Adam's blood, so perhaps he is now able to heal, permanently.
Question 4: I agree with zaniac that a piece of Claire died that day that Syler helped himself to her. You have to remember too, that she is cognitively a child as well. When a child of her age is physically or emotionally violated (She recognizes it as being a victim) then a dysfunction will arise.
Question 7: Maybe scar-face didn't change the future much, just the sequence of events?
I agree, I hate Nikki/Jessica/Tracy/whoever else they create to finish out Ali Larter's contract. Love Angela Petrelli! Glad Bob is done. Love that Ando may have a power at some time. Can't wait to find out how Syler begins to comport to Heroes law.
I was basically sitting on my couch going "OMG" the whole night. I'm so going to have to go back and watch all of it again.

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Sep 23, 2008 2:39PM EDT

OMG!!!! lol that was AH-mazing!!! But i must know... WHAT HAPPENED TO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude he was AWESOME!!!!! if they do bring him back (which I really hope they do), what will he do though? still be the boyfriend? Maybe become more of a round character, and you begin to see his backround? or maybe he saves Claire from becoming the villain just in the nick of time? who knows, but either way I want him back! and what happened to Mica and Monica? Do we see them when we find out if Nikki really died? I was starting to like the whole kid superhero tag team thing they had going on. Although I admittedly am getting a little sick of Nikki, I am really hoping she isn't dead, for her son's sake.... and WOAH!!!!! SYLAR!!! ANGELA'S SON?????? OMG!!!!! ... had to love the part where Claire asked if Sylar was going to eat her brain... "Claire, that's disgusting." ;)

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