Bleach Season 12 Episode 230 Review: "A New Enemy! The Materialization of Zanpakutou!"

Now, I know what you're thinking.Yes! A new season of Bleach! FINALLY I can see what happens between Ichigo and Ulqiorra!

You open your video stream, you select the newest episode, and there it is! A....cave? Snoring...and a slew of awkwardly dressed people you've never before seen in your life.

That's correct friends, it IS filler you're smelling. And oh what a stench indeed. Don't worry though, you only have another....what, 24 weeks before the final showdown between the forces of good and evil? No biggie. But I digress! Back to our fashion confused friends, of which we know nothing about! So far we seem to have an impatient girl with poofy pants, a dude with a creepy laugh, an ice queen, a miniature bee chick, aaaaaand, what's this?! A vampire looking guy who seems to have brought with him a new friend, for which the ladies of the group have dubbed :The hot one. As he enters, Vampire declares that the era of the Shinigami is coming to an end. OH THE DRAMA. Cool.

Meanwhile, back in soul society, Renji and Byakuya are deeply involved in an epic battle in the name of training. Not as satisfying as a fight to the death with the Espada I know, but bear with me folks! So we're fighting, we're fighting, we're fighting, we ALL know Byakuya could crush Renji with the flick of his wrist, as he has done time and and time again, but wait...what's this? As Renji rains a baboon cannon down on Byakuya, A MYSTERIOUS VOICE, Byakuya falters, and barely manages to block Renji's blow. Calling off the session for the day, he retreats, leaving everyone, including you, confused.

Flash to Captain Commander's chambers. Old buddy CC is just chillin', minding his own business, when the doors to his office swing open to reveal....nothing! Who could it be?! It's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, baked into a flaky crust of wtf. And judging by the hell butterflies being sent from Death God to Death God requesting an emergency meeting it's not going to be delicious, or nutritious.

Having gathered in a dark, ominous looking place where nothing bad could POSSIBLY go wrong, our heroes and heroines are shocked to find that CC is nowhere to be found. But his vice captain is! Granted he's mostly dead, but who cares! No one even knows that guy's name anyway. More importantly, our old friend Vampire has joined the party, and kindly informed everyone that CC has been sealed away. Komamura doesn't like this. Komamura smash. Releasing his bankai, he decides it's about to get real. Unfortunately, we can't let you do that Starfox, and not even a barrel roll will save you from YOUR OWN BANKAI?! Wait, what? Shocked, the remaining Death Gods release their no avail. Vampire reveals himself as Muramasa, a zanpakuto spirit who has come to free all other Zanpakuto from the tyranny of their Shinnigami masters! As I watched the Zanpakuto destroy Soul Society, I couldn't help but think that there might be hope for this arc, filler as it may be. Will I be right? Will I be wrong? Only time will tell as we delve further into the adventures we both love and hate to share with Bleach. Here's to hoping, and stay tuned!


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