What is your opinion about fringe!? I think it is very smart and a modern XFiles!


Nov 4, 2009 1:42PM EST

Love the show

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Nov 13, 2009 7:20AM EST

Never watched the x-files, so I can't make the comparison, but I must agree that this show is great. First of all its filmed in Vancouver, so being as I'm a Vancouverite and a fan, I'm constantly on the lookout for landmarks. I also lucked upon them filming an episode one day in downtown, couldn't stay long but it was a treat getting a peak behind the scenes. I find it interesting that for season 2 they are putting a lot of emphasis on every fourth episode, not sure how it will all pan out but hopefully they won't let the episodes in between suffer. Now, something I find distracting is the fact that I know the Observer appears in every episode. It draws my attention away from the story of the episode just to watch the background; I normally end up having to watching each episode twice; then again looking for landmarks is just as distracting.

Default avatar cat
Dec 9, 2009 12:37AM EST

Ya they seem to be doing only an episode that progresses the story every couple of episode. Needless to say, the in-between episodes are generally pretty interesting theories and futuristic scientific experiment which keeps me glued. Whenever Fringe take a break in between episodes, they throw down a huge episode. For example, this upcoming week will progress the overall story more than the past four episodes combined. Then a long break prepared for a huge cliff hanger at the end of the next episode.

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