I loved this episode I loved this entire filler!

Ichigo enters Muramasa's inner world and they both can't understand why they are there or why the inner world itself is still there, then they begin their final battle.

Ichigo falls under the same illusion when Byakuya was fighting Kouga and is unable to put a scratch on him so Zangestu calls to Ichigo says he will help him and Ichigo gets the upper hand, as they fight, the world is begginng to deteriorate and Muramasa falls under water but get back up and he and Ichigo head straight for each other for the final blow.

Outside the "mushroom' like thing explodes and it is over at last, Everyone heads over there to find Ichigo and Muramasa, with Ichigo as the victor! this may seem wierd to you, but Ichigo holds his hand as he says his final words"Someday,...I will,..

and he starts to fade away and disappears in the sky.

<_> he was my favorite character! this episode was truly good i rate 10+!


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