little prophecy doing

so, timebomb left us with a great cliffhanger and a lot of questions.

now i try beeing a little cassandra and do some prophecy's.

1) Goderic's explanations to eric about he see's the human's now will leaf a great impression on eric. i guess that will be mabey the point of change for our bad boy sheriff. and this all will be about sookie.

2) eric will play sookie for a fool by saving her life during the bomb attack. she will drink his blood (for healing reason and because of bill's absence) and eric will have the bonding to sookie, he want's so badly. and i guess bill will be realy pissed off by that fact.

3) Some vampire will seek revenge (mabey bill) for the bomb attack and bring the vampire community into big trouble.

4) goderic will do a kind of sacrificing thing for the vampire community, so they still can live in peace with the humans.

5) lafayette will try to safe tara from maryann. how and if this works out, let's see. and let's not forget tara's mom. i guess she will be there to.

6) maryann will finaly get sam. mabey already in the next episode we'll finally figuring out, what she's realy up to, get to know her evil master plan. would be good to do so, because the sam and maryann story is starting to get a little bit dull. it has to come to a final.

7) sookie and jason will have a stronger bond from now on, by surving this whole adventure. i guess jason will try in future to be a better brother to her, then before.

8) jessica and hoyt will also have their appearance and i guess hoyt's mum will play a part in that piece.

9) the vampire - queen of louisiana will show up the first time. and with her introduction, there will happen a lot of thrilling stuff. (and according to other rumour on this side, sookie's cousin hadley will show up, with the queen)

10) and my last try of beeing prophetic. when eric and sookie get their blood tie, sookie will get a short glance into eric's thought's.

so, why do i think this things might could happen in the next episode?

first of all, i read the books. (and i don't think that they are going to far away from them. on the opposite. i'm glad that they are not strictly following. otherwise for us readers it would get boring. i love there new interpretation about the story around sookie).

second, i got some info's from some true blood fansites like they have already a official synopsis.

and third, especialy the story around sookie, eric and bill has to improve.


cause one things clear. there is a reason why bill showed up that night in sookies bar. or does anyone realy beliefes that this was coincidence. and one things clear already, eric has a crush on sookie, he doesn't just know yet.

so, what do think about my prophecy's and what would you suggest on how this will go on.


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Aug 11, 2009 3:00PM EDT

i think you're talking crap!

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