Dex is slipping

First Quinn is becoming Doakes 2 then Dex kills an innocent man... well innocent seemed like a stretch to me, I would have guessed that he probably had something to do with the deaths from what he was saying, maybe not specifically the last girl but maybe some before and what the hell is with Trinity the guy is so bipolar though I guess not out of place for a serial killer, wonder who the coffin's you think he'll take his own family next or maybe go after Dex?


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Nov 10, 2009 3:09AM EST

I really was not thinking about Arthur killing his family, u may have something. Because that was one big ass pine box!!
John Lithgow sure can act the roll of a man one can short of a six pack; can't he?
I was just typing the same thing about Quinn, I hope he stands down or he will end up in pieces! He has got it bad for Deb!! It would be lame if he starts a Doakes, but one thing about Quinn is he has sticky fingers & Doakes never did, he just used his other night stick on a cops wife : )

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