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Lol Peter

I just thought it was kinda funny that when Emma was walking out of Peter's apartment in ep 15 he said he'd call her later and now I'm wondering if her abilities allow her to "hear" or it was a slip up or something?


| 15:06 EST, 21 Feb, 2010
peter isn't exactly the smartest hero out there. I mean...he DID jump off a building to see if he could fly too.
| 19:44 EST, 22 Jan, 2010
i picked up on that too! haha! made me laugh! but if she sees sound as colour she'll see the phone light up maybe..?? but she'd have to be in same room lol oh peter!
| 08:17 EST, 15 Jan, 2010
Deaf people can use the phone if they have a text phone.
| 11:09 EST, 14 Jan, 2010
LOL I caught that too!

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